Mum here’s a list of magnifiers which you can choose from:-
Just click on the blue links and you’ll go to the page with the item on it
The first 3 are the best options I think.
No.1 is a bit bigger than No.2
I think no.2 is the same as what you showed me.

No.3 is definitely worth getting regardless.

This is a decent looking unit…its big, has 3 x leds and a small magnifier as well.

2) This is a nice looking unit … its big, has leds as well.

3) This is awesome. Id DEFINITELY CONSIDER GETTING THIS ONE as an extra. It also comes with stand (built in) so it can sit on top of whatever you are reading. Its A4 in size and has LED’s built into it for lighting. It also has a neck string so it can just hang from your neck +(hands free). P.S. I’m getting one of these for myself!

I’m inquiring for you about this one … I’m not sure think its a bit small.

This one OK it has heaps of leds so theres plenty of light to read. Not as good as the others in my opinion.

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